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              Making the world beautiful, one garden at a time!

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."

Thomas Jefferson




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Your garden is your sanctuary.

Thoughts of a quiet, private space in which to relax on a warm summer evening lead to your yard and garden. You want your outdoor space to be like a cozy room to relax in. You walk through an arbor that may lead to a swath of lush green grass bordered by a bed of perennials, evergreens, budding annual flowers or a garden pond.

A canopy of trees overhead provide shade that gently moves with the breeze as you relax in a comfortable Adirondack chair. You want your yard to be a place of peace and beauty. Whether you like to dabble in your yard after a hard day at work, or you prefer to spend a Saturday in the garden doing routine chores. Adirondack chair

A Perfect Garden can help give you the ideas and items you need to make your yard and garden the envy of the neighborhood. Please take your time and browse our site for ideas and hints. We offer many ideas from landscape designs to lists of annuals and perennials that best suit the needs of any landscape or garden..

 Our products are chosen for their ease of construction and uniqueness. We choose items that you won't find at your local warehouse store. They will add a touch of style to any yard or garden. An arbor to direct foot traffic through your backyard, a palm thatch umbrella to give your patio a tropical feel or maybe a water garden with a water fall to add a soothing sound to your landscape.

 Our articles and links give ideas for the novice to expert. Our extensive article library is updated and added to often to give you fresh ideas and topics.

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A Perfect Garden Making the world beautiful, one garden at a time!





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Garden Arbors

Cedar wood arbors, PVC arbors and metal arbors for every landscape. More...

Palm thatch umbrella

Palm Thatch Umbrellas

Make you yard feel like the beach.  More...

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, chairs and benches.  More...

Garden Ponds and Water Gardens

Add the peaceful sound of a water feature to your landscape. More...

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